Wednesday, July 30, 2008


First of all I wish I had his baby pics to put on here so you could see how much Allie looks like him:) Robert turns 31 today.

Also some exciting news! Madison got the teacher we wanted for pre-k along with 6 other kids from church:) 6 out of the 15 are in her class. This could be a good thing or a bad thing:) HEr teacher is coming for a 10 minute visit on the 11th and Madison is very excited. I am excited but dreading being a taxi a little bit. I know it will just gets worse so I better enjoy it now. It's hard to believe my baby will be going to public school! She even looks older this week!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I forgot my favorite picture

Vacation pics

We had a great time on our vacation to Colorado to visit my parents! WE went to the lake one day and rode in Uncle Lance's boat and on another day we went to the north pole in Colorado SPrings. We saw Santa and Madison and Briley rode all of the rides. They were so brave. Madison giggled the entire time! WE had a blast. If any one is ever in Colorado it is totally worth the money to take them there.

One funny story. On the way there Robert decided to take the back way through the Black Mesa. He followed a yahoo map which ended up being a VERY bad idea!!! WE took this dirt rode that led to nothing and it kept going. WE were running out of gas because there was no town to stop at to get it. We couldnt find the highway and poor Robert had all three of us girls in tears. He had a wife on her period and who need to go to the bathroom, a toddler screaming (im sure she could feel the tension) and a sweet and patient 4 year old. WE fianlly had to use the bathroom outside in the middle of nowhere whcih was traumatic for me!!! Madison couldtnt go and had not gone in 3 hours. WE fianlly see this sign that says truck route and we though it surely would take us somewhere. It dead ended into this ranch. Robert gets out and we meet the nicest lady. SHe sends us down the right road and on top of that she puts gas in our tank to get us to the next town which was an hour away! Need less to say we made it and madison finally got to go to the bathroom:) Daddy was trying to do a nice thing and it ended up terribly wrong:) Hre are some pics of my neices and my girls Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So Sweet!

My best friend Tiffiany is having a baby in October. She was over and she was drinking some water. Madison walked over to her and started rubbing her belly. Here is what she asked:
"Tiffiany, are you giving that baby some water so it can grow? You know, Like a flower does."
You've got to love the innocense of little kids and how smart and observant they are!

We're off!

We're off to Colorado for a week. Please say a prayer for us to keep us safe and keep us well because someone always gets sick on vacation. Hope everyone has a great week and I will post lots of pics when I get back!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Most fo you girls will understand this but i just have to vent. We are going on vacation for a week on Thursday. So you know what that means. I have to pack all four of us. On top of that we have to have warm weather clothes adn cool weather clothes because it is supposed to be chilly in the morning and evenings. What does this mean? twice as many clothes. I realize it is my job to be the organized one and get everything ready but i just wish i had a little help:) WE still have 4 days until we leave for Colorado but I had to start today to make sure everything gets packed. And you know how it goes. YOu cant find a certain shoe or a pair of pants so you spend half the time looking for something. It is worth it in the end but it is exhausting:)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Madison is a fish!!!

Thanks to Leila Madison is taking swim lessons which she loves!!! However she has a hard time because she justs wants to jump in the whole time but wwith a stern talking to she listened much better today. Maybe she will pay for her own college with a scholarship one day. Here are some pics!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A new toy for those who give:)

We had a garage sale last weekend and Madison was upset that we were selling a ton of her toys. I made a deal with her that We could get one toy to replace all of the others. I found this cool dollhouse for $50 and it came with the people and furniture. Allie plays with it more than Madison. You can hear them in there talking to the dolls. IT is sooo cute. Here are a coupl pf pics of the new toy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

We had a blast this weekend. Yesterday we started of at the parade. ALlie sat the whole time fascinated. Everytime she heard a loud siren or motorcycle she would squeeze Don's shirt really tight. Madison spent the first half of the parade seing how many princesses and clowns:) she could get to wave at her. Then she got tired and went and played in Ms. Sarah's store with Brenna, Piper, Collin, and Katie. After the parade we headed to Sayre to spend some time with my best friends family watching fireworkd. I was actually impressed. Her dad owns a minature golf course so we sat out there and had a barbeque and then we let off our own fireworks along with everyone else in Sayre. Then the city let off theirs and it lasted 30 minutes. it was awesome. Allie was scared of the noises but loved to look at them. SHe would say "oh beautiful." so sweet. We had a great time!:) Needless to say we are resting the rest of the weekend!

PS Less than a week until we go on vacation to Colorado! We are soooo excited!!!