Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gsa Dryer and desk for sale

I have a gas dryer that is in great condition. We are selling it for $30. WE also have a desk that is a cherry wood color. WE are selling it for $30. If you are at all interested i can send you pictures. We are putting them on Craigs list tomorrow. Hope everyone had a greaet weekend!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing together

All of the girls have really begun to play with each other without too much argueing. I love it because they entertain each other sooo well. Here are a few pics for proof. Notice Batman is in the class:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My best friend's baby

My best friend is having a baby in October. SHe is a teacher and is looking for someone to watch her little girl beginning in January. IT would be from 8-5. SHe either needs someone full time or tues, thurs (i could watch her mon, wed, fri.). She lives in Edmond close to me. If you or if you know of anyone who is keeping kids could you let me know? Thanks sooooo much!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The neighbors

Tonight has been interesting. First, we were getting ready to eat dinner when the doorbell rang. It was a cop. He said the people behind us called them and said we were cussing at them (they told them it was us because we have the swingset in the backyard). First of all we never went outside today. When we got home at 2 we all took naps. Second of all, those of you who know us know that that would never happen! We talked to the neighbors next door to ask if they heard anything and they had been outside and never heard anything. So now we are thinking they were trying to get us in trouble or someone else was yelling at them.
Most of you know we,ve had problems with them. They have 5 kids and mom works at night and sleeps all day so no one watches them. They tell my kids they are going to kill them, climb on our fence which we had to have repaired, recently they trow rocks through the fence at the kids, the dog has broken through our fence and barks all of the time, etc. Have we ever called the cops or cussed them out before? Of course not but now I am wishing I had:) Maybe it's time to move:)
After all of this we hear an explosion. We go outside and cant see anything. Then we hear a second one. A couple of streets down a green box exploded. No one hit it it just blew up. The popel said the first blast happened and they lost power and then the second one happened when they all went outside and 14 foot flames were shooting out. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It was one of those in someones yard. Needless to say we might not have power soon when they start working on it.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

Any suggestions???

So we have officially hit the terrible two's. The meltdowns are ridiculous! She mainly only has them at home. Everyone at church says she is an angel. These happen when she wants something even though she can tell me now. They often happen when she first wakes up. She screams at the top of her lungs, throws herself on the floor, etc. SHe does this anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Sometimes i feel alone but i know its not true. If any of you have suggestions let me know! Ignoring her works sometimes but she does not respond to spanking and thinks its funny even if she cries at first.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This years VBS is about creation. TOdays play was awesome. It was all done in blacklight. THe kids laughed sooo much. YOu would have thought some of them would have cried with the lights out but you couldnt hear any crying at all. The girls had a great time. Even though it starts at the age of 3, those of us who teach get to bring our little ones to babysitting. ALthough its not babysitting. They do their own crafts. Allie didnt want to leave with me she had so much fun. Here is a pic of the girls in their VBS shirts that glow in the dark before we left for VBS this morning.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pics for dad

So I tried so hard tonight to take a pic of both of my girls for my dad for Father's day. Those of you who have more than one child knows how hard this is. These are the pic I got.

By the way, Leslie, I should have you take the pics you alwasy take such cute pics. My kids need a lesson from yours:)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

weight update

So as of this morning I have lost another 2 pounds making it 7. A couple of months before the challenge I had lost 7 so that makes a total of 14. I jogged my mile in 15m 45s which is my best yet. I know I need to start going further:) I think I lost a pound last night at church alone because I was running back and forth sooo much:)

ON a side note. My mom is having surgery tomorrow and will be in the hospital until SUnday so please say a prayer for her. SHe will be off work for 8 weeks. also robert is having outpatient surgery today so pray for a quick recovery;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Father Daughter Tea

Here are some cute pics of the father daughter tea. I got to work it so I got to see all of the fun!

The girls got to have tea and princess themed snacks, put on make up, make crowns and purses, play kiss the frog and musical pillows, painted fingernails, and they got to take home a pillow that Miss Verna Lee Parker made for all of the girls. They had a great time and it was so cute. SOme of the older girls were funny because if the dad asked them to hold their hand in the picture the girls would say no. Kind of funny. Wait till there teenagers. SCARY!!! Next year Robert "gets" to take both of the girls:)