Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am soooo happy because I found out today that Madison got in to the school I wanted for Pre-k. FOr those of you who don't know we have public pre-k here. It is done by a lottery. You fill out a paper and you write down your first and second choice. A few days later they do drawings to see where they put the kids. I found out today(a day early) that she got into Clyde Howell. It is considered a public pre-k but instead of being at a school with all of the other grades, this one is just 4 year olds in the whole building. All of her friends that wanted to get in there did so she will know several people in the school. She is so excited and we have been praticing saying the name. We are going to drive by in a little while to show her what it looks like! I showed her pic of what they do at that school and what is in the inside of the classroom and she kept saying how cool it was:) Now we just have to pray she gets morning:) I am sending poor robert to wait in line to enroll her Thurdsday morning because I have to teach.

Friday, April 25, 2008


So it hasnt had time to sink in that we only have 3 weeks left. with Chelsea leaving and working on the me book I havent had time to think about it. SO I have to say that I am really going to miss my class. I have grown so close to the kids as well as the parents. Looking at pictures from the beginning of the year reminds me how little they looked at the beginning. I will miss all of them sooooo much!!!! It's hard to believe that at this time next year Allie will be this age. Those of you who have children in my class, thank you for all of you support! I will miss you kids sooo much!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is it!!!

After many many indepth conversations, Robert and I have decided not to have any more children. We are very happy with our 2 girls and we feel like our family is complete. As most women know that wonderful feeling of holding a baby will always be wonderful but I will relish in all of my friends and family's babies. Our girls are the best and we love them very much. We couldn't ask for more. We are very blessed in every way. Here a few things that I love about each of them.
-Is VERY supportive. (He understands when I need to leave the house for an hour to regain myself)
-Loves me even when I am unlovable.
-Is calm no matter what (which balances my unclamness).
-Works soooo hard and takes on extra jobs when we need help paying the bills.
-Loves our girls and is so patient with him
-Makes me laugh in any situation.
-He is my rock and strength even when I have none!
-When I am not feeling good she does everything she can to make me feel better!
-Loves her sister and helps me with her when I need her too.
-Loves to be a helper with anything.
-Loves other people.
-Is full of energy which is what I love the most sometimes.
-Loves us no matter what. Even when I am cranky and irritable:)
-She loves to cuddle.
-Makes us laugh all of the time.
-She loves her sister.
-She's a shoeaholic and loves clothes (which every mom loves that is until her shoes and clothes start to cost more:)
-She loves to go to school and church and loves to learn.
-She loves us no matter what.
Just a few things I have been thinking about. Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Allie and Addy conversations

I absolutely love little conversations at this age. For the most part they are so cute. Today I let Lily and Madison play with these small dolls and clothes. I didnt want the babies to get a hold of them so I locked the girls door. After several minutes of the little girls yelling for the big girls and banging on the door, they came into the living roo. Addy reaches out her hand for allie and says
"Allie, hold hand"
Allie says "Ok"
Addy said "Let's go"
And off they went to play in the playroom hand in hand.
If only I had my camera at that exact moment because they were so sweet with each other.
I love it!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

This one is my favorite pic!!!

Spring Days

Lily, Madison, Allie, Addy, and I had a blast today!!! It was such a beautiful day! We played in the pool and had soo much fun. The other pics are ones I took before we went to Grandpa Andrea birthday party.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help Me

Ok, so this blogging stuff can be confusing. I have spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to add other blogs to my favorites. can anyone tell me how? I'm sure it's much easier than I'm making it and probably pretty obvious:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My first blog

I guess since everyone has a blog now it is about time I make one too. Here are some pics of my family's visit. The baby is Ella, my neice.

So yesterday Allie decided to put lipstick on....with my mascara. I never thought she could twist off the cap, but obviously she is smarter than I realized!

Madison in 4 and is becoming very responsible and a lot more calm. SHe went to the dentist and the eye doctor for the first time. The eye doctor did extra tests on her because as he quoted "SHe is the best 4 year old I have seen here yet. She is soo patient and listens so well." I was thinking "r u sure that's my child you r taling about?" A couple of weeks later she went to the dentist and they said the same thing. I am soooo proud of her.

Allie is 2 and a very typical one at that! SHe knows what all of the letter sounds r which i think she picked up from Madison and listening to the Leap Frog movie (Letter Factory).