Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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The lip was due ot her biting it which she also bit her tongue. She couldnt feel it. The dentist said that is normal for a little kid but that this was the worst one he had ever seen. The kisds think it feels weird so they mess with it and this was her result. Not any better yet! hopefully it won't get infected!!!

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THe dentist wanted her to come back in to look at it and he said it was the worst he has ever seen and that she need to stay home tomorrow. He is worried that she will be in a lot of pain. Hopefully not!

Poor Madison

So Madison got a cavity filled today and they called me from schol because she had a swollen lip and was bleeding. She was sp upset when i picked her up and freaked out when she looked in the mirror. But now she is laughing at the pictures. needless to say i bribed her with icecream and told her we could go to the park after nap. I cried all the way home. Here are some pics!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's official plus Halloween party

Well it's official I have a pretty much potty trained child! SHe even uses the big potty (she was scared of it at first). SHe has only had a couple of accidents the past 4days. I still put a pull up on her when we go somewhere because it makes me nervous:) So that's it for ever ever ever potty training again! We are done! Hallelujah!!!
Also my cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby girl this weekend! Congrats! We love you!!!
Here are some pics from our class halloween party, pajama day, and baby Kortney.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Just to update you on a former post. I noticed this morning that Allie's tooth is almost back to its normal color! You can see if you look super close where the small crack is but at least its not black!!! The dentist said 3 weeks ago that it was alittle out of line and she will go back in a week or so to have another xray. But again at least its not black!!!

PS Madison is having farm day at school on Tuesday so I am looking to see if anyone has overalls size 5 or 6 and/or a straw hat I can borrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can't believe it!

Today I had a book that had words like cat, hat, mat, Pat, rat, etc. Madison was able to sound the words out by herself and eventually was able to read them without sounding it out. I then wondered if I wrote words down for her if she could read them. So these are the words I wrote down: dad, man, and Sam. She read them all. I think she might be getting it! I am so proud of her!!!! It is definetly something we will really start working on since she is so interested. Words like fan are hard for her and I think it is because the sound that the a makes is a little different. She as also trying to write. She wanted to write to Lily and it was going to say "You are my friend." SHe started out like "U R M " I then helped her with th rest but just the meer fact that she wanted to try was great! SHe hasn't been interested at all until now! She also never liked to color and all of the sudden she could sit there forever and color. I think going to school has helped her patience!!! I am so proud of my little girl and it is such a wonderful thing to see them learn so much!!! Great job, Madison!!!