Friday, May 30, 2008


So I defintely didnt lose the 12 pounds I wanted but here are my results.

I have lost 5 pounds as of this morning.
I have lost 6 1/2 inches (3 of those are in my stomach and waist.)
I can walk a mile in 16m 20 s (at the beginning it was taking me 22 m)

I am very proud of my self. My diet has totally changed. I cant remember the last time we ate out. We get subway if i am craving fast food. I havent been snacking at night. Its a little frusterating that it is only 5 pounds but I figure it is a lifestyle change and eventually it will come off. THose of you who are doing fad diets dont! I have done that and lost 12 pounds in a week but gained it right back. Eating a balanced diet and smallerportions will take longer but will be owrth it in the end!!!
I am going to keep you updated once a week so you guys can support me in this because i will need it!!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I haven't posted anything in a couple of days so here's a few pics I thought you might enjoy. The girls and I had a blast today at the Clarks! They played and played! I also put pics of the kids yesterday when we caught a frog. Notice how Addy was laying on the ground looking for it. SHe laid there for a long time waiting. They fianlly got to see it and it kept them entertained for 45 minutes. Oh the joy of little things that we forget:) The rest of the pics are from over the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

PS I walked a mile in 16m 20 sec today and i finally lost 1 more pound.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy's the boss!

SO this was funny! I love 4 year olds!
Robert and I had to work in the nursery today. Madison decides she need to go to the bathroom. WHen we get in there I tell her we need to hurry because I need to go help daddy. THis was what she said in return
"That's because you're the boss, right mommy" "YOu're the boss of everything, right?"
You gotta love it:) They learn early!


SO even though i am still stuck at a 3 pound weight loss i feel like my upper body is a lot smaller. So i went in to kohls to try on a couple of shirts. I actually got into a XL shirt and 2 dresses. Before my arms would have not fit through the holes. The shirt was sleeveless and I wont buy sleeveless shirts but it was pretty cute. Maybe when I am in a Medium :) THanks you for all of your encouragement and when you see me please keep encouraging so I dont lose my will power. That is what has gotten my down in the past. My frien Krystal has really inspired my to lose the weight. SHe has lost 40 pounds and she put up a picture and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I am sooo proud of her and i hope to be proud of myself one day. Today I was proud because I walked/jogged a mile in 17 min 20 sec and when i first started on the treadmilll it was taking me 22-25 minutes. SOrry if you guys get sick of the updates on weight but it helps to write down my thoughts! Thanks again!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

3 weeks

SO i have been exercising for 3 weeks and only lost 3 poounds. I lost those 3 punds the first week and then nothing. I have been eating so much better. THe past 3 days i decided to stop eating carbs and still nothing. you would think with as much weight as i need to lose that it would come off easier!!! I have been doing 20 minutes of toning and 30 minutes of cardio. All i know is I am strting to get frusterated and I know what happens when i dont see results and i dont want to revert back into that mindset. I want to keep exercising and eating better. I defintely have more energy but for me that is not enough. If any of you have suggestions i will take them!! Just wanted to grip to get it out of my system. thanks for listening!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

PS If you click on the school pic it will give you a larger view!

The joys of summer and school pics!

Here are some pics from today ans the girls school pics. If you look at the pic where Allie is pointing at Madison she is saying "Ook (look) Madison need a baff (bath)." so funny and cute!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A pic for the girls and a great weekend

Robert and I went to Dallas for the weekend without the girls. We had a blast. We went to the FC Dallas soccer game and they were playing LA Galaxy (David Beckhams team) I got a few pics for you girls! Needless to say it was a nice break!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Challenge

Elizabeth Mullins from church is helping us move more! SHe is challenging everyone to do 20 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. In order to participate you pay $20 and in return you get a 20/20 minute workout plans. This will go on for 4 weeks. You can earn bonus points for getting someone to join, doin an extra 20 minutes of exercise, pounds lost, inches lost, etc. Please visit her website and mention my name if you would like to join. THere will be a PRIZE at the end. Just click on her name in the my friends spot on my blog. My goal is to lose 12 pounds. I will keep you posted! We start on Monday 5th.