Sunday, August 31, 2008

The week ahead

I am so exicted! Sonshine school starts on Tuesday. I can tell I am going to have a WONDERFUL class and I know a lot of them already! Madison can't wait to go to 2 schools and have Ms. Leslie pick her up on the "bus" :) SHe will be exhausted so I hope she can make it through SSS with no melt downs because she still takes naps. I am excited that Allie gets to go back to school. SHe loves it so much and this year she gets to go on the playground and go to music! Let's just hope for some potty training soon:) She has been telling me right when she goes in her pull up. however she calls peepee poop. Everytime she goes she says "uhoh i pooped." Kind of cute! Anyway I hope everyone has a great week and for those of you who are teaching at SSS I am excited to get to talk to you again! Although I have to say I will miss my 2 free days:)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

trip to Jenks aquarium

WE decided to take a short trip the the aquarium. The girls loved it. NOt nearly as good as the Denver aquarium but still fun!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

scary story!

Ok so MOnday I picked Madison up from school and I asked her what she did. SHe said " MOm we did the coolest thing. We turned out the lights and we got to point with the flashlight at our favorite center. It was so much fun. WE also closed our eyes and listened to music. I did not think anything of it. I just thought she loved her day. I found out tonight that they had been on lock down because of a strange man seen by the highschool. Good to know they didn't think anything of it thanks to her WONDERFUL teachers who dealt with a situation like this for the first time!!! HEre is the link to the story in the news on Monday (probalby could have been a prank:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What did Madison do the first day of school?

Here is what she told me:
*I played with games. dart games
*I played in the pretend room that has lots of babies in there and there was plates, spoons, forks, knives, bowls, phones, dishwasher, sink so we can wash our hands.
*THere were crayons and paper to write on but i didnt do it because i didnt want to.
*There was a snack center but i didnt want any.
*I rolled on a mat
*There was a rocking boat and a big slide inside.
*I played with Kayla and we were having a party.
*There was a boy who hit me but I didnt do anything to him.

PS I put a band aid on her thumb so that she wouldnt suck it. It has worked wonders the last few days.
We went to chuck e cheese afterwards and had a blast!

First day of school!

Well this is it. The start of school. Madison wanted chocolate chip waffles for breakfast so we mad a run to the store last night. When we got to school she went and sat down. needless to say we got there too early so next time we will leave later. SHe got a little anxious waiting for so long. All of the parents and children went to the classroom and we sang a son and the teacher read "The kissing hand." The we gave each other a heart sticker and kisses and left. 7 kids in her class are from Memorial Road COC. I'm sure they will have a blast!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

random and info day at school

Madison got to go to school today to see her classroom andmeet her teacher again! She is so excited for school to start on wednesday!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where do I put it?

SO we are working with Madison on thumbsucking. For some reason she is doing it more often. SO I promised her a fish if she would stop. SHe has done pretty good today. The funniest thing is when I reminded her not to suck her thumb she replied "BUt mommy, where do I put it then?" Oh the life of a 4 year old!

Monday, August 11, 2008

couple of new pics from our trip

Here is a pic of Ella and I and Madison and Ella!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last day of swim lessons!

Thank you Mr. Logan and Ms. Maryanne for giving me swim lessons! Madison had a blast. The past 2 days she had been able to dive off the diving board and she swims to the side. Today for the first time she was able to swim to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a ring! SHe had a great time and got a medal!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Training

I have received some wonderful advice by blogging so I am turning to my friends for some more advice.
I really would like to start potty training Allie. She is almost 2 and a half. SHe knows what to do but she is pretty stubborn. I would like to know everyone's tricks. I have heard a few but would like to know how other people did it. I have tried potty treats but it didnt work very well. Thanks everyone for all of your advice!!!

Story of the day: SO i was keeping the Thrash boys and all of the kids were outside. IT was getting ready to be map time so I ran in to turn the fans on (for noise). I have this huge metal fan. I had my left hand on the metal part and when i plugged it in with the other hand it shocked me. I am not tlaking about a little shock. THis was a chock to where i could barely walk straight. I screamed really loud so madison came running in. I ran (not straight) grabbed the phone and ran outside knowing that AJ would know how to call 911 if needed. I first tried to call Robert and then my cousin who lives across the street. NO one answered. By the time I finished trying to cal people I was feeling better. My right arm hurt and it went through my middle finger so that finger hurt and I had a headsche for awhile but overall I am fine.It was the scariest experience I have ever had and the closest I have been to calling 911. Tonight Robert looked at the fan and it turns out there are some exposed wires at the end of where you plug it in.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to help a sensitive 4 year old.

Ok so Allie's fits have gone away for the most part. Hallelujuah!!! On to needing some different advice. Has anyone dealt with a sensitive child? Madison has always been sensitive. SHe can cry at the drop of a hat. For example: I dropped her off at a birthday party. I knew she would cry when it was time to leave. Sure enough I went to pick her up and she scremaed and cried because she wanted to draw with chalk. My first appraoch was calm and I told her we could draw with chalk at home, stc. Well she kept screaming and crying. Then off course I lost all patience. We walked around looking for her shoes still crying. I told her I would spank her when we got to the car if she didnt stop. At one point i covered her mouth because she was so loud:) WE walked out the door and as soon as we got in the car I spanked her.
Once we got home we talked about how 4 year olds act. ANyway thats just one example. SHes not a bad child by any means she is just really sensitive and also has to know exactly what we are doing and when and if you forget or plans change things are over for her.
Doea anyone have any suggestion? Are a lot of kids at this age sensitive? I have seen much worse out of other kids but I want to do what i can to help her plus it is embarrasing and you feel like a bad parent if you loose your cool or if you are frusterated:)