Monday, December 29, 2008


So here are some pictures of our vacation. We had a wonderful time and didn't want to leave! While it was 76 degrees here, we were playing in the snow and sledding in Colorado. Of course it was the left over snow from 2 weeks ago. My parents yard is in the shade:) It was still fun:) I was very thankful for the weather here in Oklahoma today because the girls played outside ALL day and I was able to put our things away and start on laundry.

Well since we ate whatever we wanted for a week I guess I will start back on my healthy track tomorrow. I went and got groceries so I have all of my healthy food. Although it is sooo hard to find good fruit this time of year.

Since Robert and I did not go anywhere for our 10th anniversary on the 19th of December, we are going to go somewhere at the beginning of Feb. so if you have ANY suggestions of somewhere that is not too far to drive in a day let my know. We have to wait until Feb. because we are having Madison's party at the end of this month (31st) at pump it up and I will have tons of family in town so I have to prepare myself for that. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY BABY WILL BE 5 AND IN KINDERGARTEN NEXT YEAR???????

We have 2 new members of our family. Maggie and Lala the fish. This was the only thing Madison wanted for Christmas.
I hope everyone has a great New Year!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So I had 2 conversations this morning with Madison that I didn't want to forget.

Madison- ummm Mommy do you have your map?

ME-No why? Do I need one???

Madison-Yes that way you can see where you are going.
(IT was SUPER foggy this morning)

Next conversation :

Me-DId you see Santa today.

Madison-Well he wasn't the real one. HE is someones daddy

Me-How do you know

Madison-He was wearing tennis shoes.

Me- oh you know Santa has lots of helpers.

Madison-I know. You know what? He lives on top of the world today. That's what I learned in music today?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Please tell me someone else has had this experience when picking up children from school.
So the parking lot at madison's school is being torn up so EVERYONE has to park on the street. I got to school today and it was utter confusion of where to go to pick up the kids because people were everywhere because they were having their party today. So I was going around this truck to park in front of them and CRUNCH! I scratched their bumper and scraped the whole right side of my car. I had to leave a note and I felt sooooo bad!!! Anyway that's how I started my day!
Allie said "dot it again mommy."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is...

ME!!! I won the biggest loser at work today. We have been doing it since October. I never win anything so it's a big deal:) I lost 14 pounds and 6% body weight. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me I really appreciate it!!! I won $104. Wooo WHooo!!! Now I just have to keep it going!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Many of us struggle with our weight. Mine has always been a struggle. Losing it used to be easier but I guess after having 2 kids and 3 miscarriages my body just doesn't want to lose it. I have begun to lose again. It defintely takes longer!!! Over the past 2 weeks I have really eaten healthy and have seen a drastic change in just the past few weeks. I am down 13 pounds since the end of october and 8 of those are in the past couple of weeks. I am down a dress size and can squeeze into the next size.
Before my cravings for food were unreal and to be honest I ate for every emotion I had. I was having back trouble at night and was only sleeping about 5 hours a night. I had no energy and I would get RLS at night as well. Since I have really been watching what I eat it has stopped. I just noticed it in the past couple of days that my energy is up, I am moving more, no more cravings, no more back pain, etc.
Not only has it helped me but my kids as well. I have taken red dye and most sugar out of their diet. before Madison was hyper and allie threw fits a lot. this has calmed down tremendously. My kids will be healthier becuase of me and that means sooo much to me. I don't want them to have the problems I had and drown their emotions in food.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robert's surgery

His surgery went well. They tightened the ligaments and cleaned it out but when they got in there they found out he had a torn rotator cuff which wasnt seen on the MRI. They fixed that too which required more of an incision. He will be immobile for the next 48 hours and then we will see what happens. Thank you for your continued support and prayers! He feels good now but as soon as the nerve block wears off he will not be feeling so great.
We love all of you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Robert will be having shoulder surgery tomorrow at Mercy
(his left shoulder).
Please pray for a QUICK recovery because we are driving to
Colorado in a week and a half and next week is a busy week.
He is having ligaments tightened
and will be out a couple of days. It is outpatient. His mother is
going with him because I have to work. Thanks!!!

PS I posted yesterday and I put some pics up so scroll down:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

this week

So this week has already been eventful.
1st of all I lost 5 more pounds so I am at 10 so far and I would like to lose 5 more this week. 10 more and I am at my short term goal.
secondly, I had a TRAUMATIC hair cut on sat. so now I have short hair. I even had to go to someone else to have it fixed. I still don't like it because Ididnt want it this short but the girl who fixed it did an awesome job.
3rd Robert finds out in the morning whether or not he will have surgery on his shoulder this thursday or a week from Friday (our 10 year anniversary:( )
4th I am excited because we are leaving for Colorado 2 weeks from today!!! YAY! I haven't seen my family in 6 months.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Totally FREAKED out!!!

So our day has been interesting. First Robert heard from
the insurance and they told him he could not do the surgery
at the place scheduled and now he has to start from scrath
with a different doctor.
Secondly, I was walking out to my car this evening when a cop
approached me and asked if I knew the neighbors next door.
He then asked how long they had lived here and I told him
2 years that we lived there so maybe longer. He then asked if
I knew he was a sex offender. Of course I was shocked. He
came in and talked to us. The guy does not own the house his
girlfriend does. They are probably 50. They are odd people.
He told us that if he was home he was going to arrest him
becuase he is too close to the school. So Robert says "Yeah
and too close to my house. That's why we live by the school."
Well he was arrested. Then to find out after we looked it up
that his offense was rape and lude acts with a child or something
Needles to say I am happy he's gone and I have the cops number.
I have a feeling he will try to come back though. WE will see.
Pray for us about both of these things please. Thanks!
Here's some cute pics for you:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Coversation with Allie

So we were at the Thanksgiving dinner table with
all of the grandparents. Allie and Madsion had
been drinking rootbeer. Allie ran out and here's
what she said.

"Mommy, I want beer!"

Me: "Huh ?"

"I want beer, I want beer, I want beer!"

Me: "Oh you mean rootbeer." (as we were all laughing)

"I love beer, I love beer, I love beer!"

We were all laughing so hard that she started crying.

We have finally gotten her to say rootbeer instead of beer
but it sounds more like lootbeer.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


*I am thankful for my husband who deals with the
chaos in
our house and who loves me and my family despite
our downfalls!
I love him
because he is patient, understanding, and is a
wonderful father.
I am thankful for him because he gives me breaks
when I need
them, works hard without complaining, and does
what he needs to
to take care of us.
*I am thankful for Madison who keeps us entertained,
has a loving
heart, and is willing to help me when I need it. She is
always concerned
about others! I love her enthusiasm for life and her
*I am thankful for Allie who loves to cuddle with me.
I love that
she loves her sister so much and that she just loves to
be with her
family! I love when her face lights up over seeing us
after she has
been away from us all day!
* I am thankful for my family who is always there to
support us
through anything! They always listen, call to check on
us, and love
their grandchildren sooooo much!! They are willing to
come all the
to Oklahoma to see us!!!
* I am thankful for my inlaws who support us, keep the
kids when
we need a break, and also love their grandchildren sooo
*I am thankful for my friends (all of you) who always
lend a listening
ear, who listen to me whether I am happy or need to
vent! I wish I could
tell each of you how thankful I am for you specifically!!!
And Kari
I am thankful to you that you are going to take such great
care of the
puppy we couldn't keep!!!
There are so many things we can be thankful for! There
are sooo many
that I can't write them all down. But most of all I am
thankful to God for
all of my blessings! My family, friends, church, and
everything he has ever
given me!!! I am sooo blessed! There are so many people
out there who don't
have the things we all have so let's keep them in mind as
we are thankful
tomorrow for what we have been given and pray for those
who need it!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

puppy problem

So I think we have figured out that Allie is allergic to
our new puppy. We knew there was that possiblilty.
Strange thing is that Allie loves her sooo much which
we would have never thought would happen! Madison
doesn't care and asked if she could find a new home. I
think Madison is going through some weird phase.
So if anyone would like a really good puppy who is pottying
outside and is kennel trained and loves to cuddle let me know.
We paid $100 for shots and everything and are willing to
give the puppy away for free and all of the other stuff for
$50. This is really hard for me to let her go but we have to
do what's best for our kids! Robert is devasated but understands.
She is really a great dog especially for kids. She will only get to be
about 17 pounds!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I deleted my last email because I realized how pitiful it sounded
and I want to be positive now and do my best!!! Thank you guys
for the kind words and encouragement!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our new puppy, Molly!

This is our new puppy, Molly. She is
a 6 week old Boston Terrier. She is an
early Christmas present for the girls.
They are abolutely in love with her!!!

P.S. Does anyone know how to fix the
boxes so they don't cut off the words?

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Carpenters

The day in review

Madison is home with strep today. 3 other kids in her class have it as well. She has never had it. She missed school yesterday and to think I almost made her go because she didn't have a fever. We got her coat on and she started bawling and asked not to go to school. So I let her stay home because she LOVES school!!! Then I found out one of the other kids had strep and she said her throat hurt really bad. I took her in and sure enough the nurse looks in there and goes YEP! And she said she barely put the swab in and it showed up positive. Madison had to miss her Fall Festival today. She rarely gets sick and when she does it always seems to be on a party day! Another girl (one of her close friends) had to miss school too so we are going to do something special with them when they feel better.
2 doses of antibiotics and she is HYPER girl!!! She is still having a little hard time eating but boy do I wish she could have gone to school!
We are getting a puppy tomorrow from Santa (a little early) tomorrow! The girls are going to spend the night at the in-laws so we can pick it up and surprise them with it. Her name will be Maggie or Molly. Madison loves those names. It is a 6 week old Boston Terrier. I will post pics and hopefully video tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Madison's conference and the park.

We had that dreaded parent moment of going to our first parent teacher conference. It was actually student led for the most part. For the first 20 minutes Madison showed us how they do centers and what they have learned. She did an awesome job. Before we left she said "Mommy, I get to boss you and daddy around this time." Then the last 10 minutes we met with the teacher while Madison played with blocks in the hall. I was sooo happy with what Mrs. Potter told us. I was nervous because Madison will tell me when she comes home if she cried about something or broke the rules. Mrs. Potter said she loves that she is so enthusiastic and loves to learn and do anything! She said it does get her frusterated because she has to take turns or something but she said that she has improved with being able to be gracious and take turns over the past couple of months. She said she is right where she need to be in every aspect. I am very proud of Madison for learning how to control herself from getting upset over everything. Her attention span has changed DRASTICALLY in the past 3 months. She never liked art and would rush through coloring or any other project. Now she will sit for and hour and a half to color and she wants to do it! I made the best decision by putting her in preschool and Mrs. Potter has been a blessing to us becuase she is just what Madison needed in a teacher!!!

We went to the park today and I took some cute pics! We had the whole park to ourselves and Kari and Stone came and met us there.

I just realized how big my girls look in all of those pics:(

P.S. I turn 31 tomorrow!